Friday, September 20, 2013


THE LS1 996 IS FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1999 Porsche 911 Carrera (C2)
128xxx miles
6 speed manual transmission

The reason I swapped the LS1 into my 911 is for reliability over the issue-plagued M96 engine. The LS1 weighs less than the M96, makes about 100ft-lb of torque and about 50 horsepower more than the M96 in stock form. Currently, the 911 makes about the same horsepower as a new 911 and more torque than a new GT3. The 911 also weighs in near 2800lbs, so the power-to-weight ratio is far better than stock.

I built this car with the intent to have a reliable daily driver 911 and I have driven over 3000 miles since the swap was completed It is one of the most fun cars I have ever driven, every time I get in the car I have a smile on my face.

The alignment was set up with no power steering in mind, so the steering is direct and comfortable. I average about 20mpg city/highway and 22-25mpg highway.

My friends who have driven the 911 love it. The 911 draws a lot of attention and many people comment on how it doesn’t sound like a Porsche. Everyone seems to love the car. Whenever the engine cover is popped, there is a crowd.

In its current state, the 911 is plenty powerful. However, swapping to a bigger camshaft and aftermarket valve train for a few hundred dollars will put this car in the power levels of modified 911 turbos and well beyond the power levels of GT3’s. So it can be left as-is, or modified to be a monster for very little money.

Factory Options:
Black Leather interior
Carbon Fiber interior, shift knob, e-brake handle, and door sills
Cruise control
HID headlights
Power seats

Engine – 2001 LS1
New OEM GM parts installed on engine:
- LS6 intake manifold – new gaskets
- MAP sensor gasket
- Valve cover gaskets
- Valve cover bolts
- Oil pan gasket
- Rear main seal & front main seal
- Front cover gasket
- LS2 timing chain
- LS6 oil pump
- LS3 water pump
New Non-GM parts
- Spark plug wires
- NGK spark plugs
- Accessory belt

Swap Details:
Renegade Hybrids 996 LS1 Conversion kit
-       Engine mount
-       Engine/transmission adapter
-       Flywheel, clutch & pilot bearing
-       Oil pressure sensor adapter
Aluminum .75” water pump spacers
Custom cooling lines to OEM Porsche system
C5 Corvette fuel filter/regulator
Custom exhaust (LOUD)
PSI wiring harness

Miscellaneous Modifications:
996 Turbo wide body wheels (18x8 ET50 & 18x11 ET45)
Brand New Sumitumo tires (225/40R18 & 295/30R18)
Brand New K-Sport coilovers
iPod hook up to factory stereo
Rear seat delete
A/C delete
Power steering delete
Bosch Icon wiper blades (new)
Front license plate delete plugs
Rear bumperette deletes with carbon fiber inserts

Flushed brake lines & clutch with new fluid
Drain & Fill transmission fluid
Oil change
Coolant drain & fill
Clean front radiators
New OEM Porsche parts
- Slave cylinder
- Cabin air filter
- Sway bar bushings (front & rear)
- Rear cross-member bushings
- Transmission reverse light sensor
- Oil Pressure Sensor

The car is in good condition for its age. But it is not perfect; it has rock chips on the front, scratch on the front bumper, minor scratches on the right rear fender, small dent on the trunk, and needs to be detailed. Overall, I estimate it’s 8/10 for a car of this age. A professional detailer could easily clean up the exterior to look almost new. But this is a driver’s car, one that you can daily drive or take to the track and not worry about a scuff

The interior looks like it has nowhere near 128k miles or 14 years old. The leather on the seats and steering wheel is in good condition. Carpet is in very good condition. All switchgear is in very good condition. All plastics are in very good condition. Dashboard is in very good condition.

The bad:
1. Exhaust gasket leak at the manifold on the right bank. Simple and cheap repair.
2. Center console hinge broken
3. Remote key fobs don’t work

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me HERE

The car is located in San Diego, CA.

Asking Price: $25,000

Only trades considered, 1992-2002 Viper.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Today we stopped by the SoCal BIG EURO MEET. There were a few thousand cars in attendance and a touch of Asian and American cars. But the amount of cars was insane.

I have a deep love for Volvo 240's and saw a 245 that mimics my Aunt's back in Michigan.



The 911 found a friend. Early black 996 with the same wheels that mine had when I bought it. Crazy to see the differences. :D

Saturday, September 14, 2013


A few days ago my low fuel light was on and I was in a rush. So I stopped to get fuel and put 5 gallons in the car and left. Fast forward two days after I drove around on said 5 gallons of gas. I'm pulling into a parking lot and the car dies. No sputtering. Just dead. I started to push the car into a parking spot, up hill, and a person passing by helped me push the car.

Then I had to diagnose the problem. I could hear the fuel pump running, so it had to be electrical. I tear apart the rear section of the interior to gain access to the LS1 ECU and fuses. The ECU was getting power and the fuses were in good shape. Then I started checking all the sensors on the engine that could cause it to die. Everything felt/looked good.

As I'm going through all this my girlfriend asks if I ran out of fuel. Immediately I think "no, the fuel gauge is at 1/4 tank". But I go double check anyways. I was right, the fuel gauge is at 1/4 tank. But here's the weird part. Two days & 100+ miles prior the gauge was at 1/4. Then it dawns on me. I remember reading that the early 996 cars fuel gauges act weird if you don't fill the tank when re-fueling.

My girlfriend takes me to a fuel station, I get a gallon of gas and take it back to the 911. After 5 minutes of playing with the safety on the gas jug I pour the gas into the 911. Go to start the car and it immediately fires up. First time that I've been totally stranded from running out of fuel. lol

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Piggy Back Ride

Today the 911 set out with its buddy Bugster for a cross-country journey to California. I have made the drive across the country before, so it wasn't necessary to do it again, in person. Therefore, 911 is riding piggy back and I'm flying out. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Life on the road, with a little bit of luck

I got a new alignment on the car and set it up for not having power steering. The car drives soooooo much better now.

Also, I'm moving, so car parts are in transition, it was easiest to slap the roof rack on the car instead of moving it around. Overall, I like the look of the rack.

I have driven the car around 2,000 miles since the swap. Nabbed this picture in the midst of a drive to northern Michigan.

I went to a friend's shop to drop the motor and change the valvetrain because I thought there was a dead lifter. After talking to my friend, he said that the sound of a dead lifter on an LS1 can be from an exhaust leak at the manifold. I never removed the stock manifolds, so there was a good chance the gaskets were stock and bad. My friend replaced the gaskets and . . . they were! Cheap and easy fix. Woooo!!!!!

Also replaced the spark plug wires. 

Averaging a little over 20mpg with the roof rack on. :D

Show Me The Lows!

Since swapping to the LS1, the rear of the car raised up. There was enough fender gap in the rear to make Jeeps jealous. Further, the rear camber of the raised suspension made the Turbo Twist wheels (designed for a widebody 911) stick out of the fenders of my narrow body 911.

After doing research on a good suspension set up, coilovers were going to be my best option. I then researched coilovers and I had a budget in mind. After looking at all the options, I decided that K-Sport was the best coilover for my application. Lucky for me, I am a dealer for K-Sport. So the purchase process was simple. :D

 K-Sport coilover vs. stock strut

After getting the coilovers on, the car was stuck on the lift. Perfect. lol

Then I got the car off the lift. It looks sooooooo much better. :D

The camber tuck on the rears really made the Turbo Twist wheels tucked under the fenders very nicely. Especially compared to how far out they stuck on the old suspension and when everyone in the Porsche world said that these wheels wouldn't fit.

Here are some Before & After shots with the new suspension.