Monday, September 2, 2013

Life on the road, with a little bit of luck

I got a new alignment on the car and set it up for not having power steering. The car drives soooooo much better now.

Also, I'm moving, so car parts are in transition, it was easiest to slap the roof rack on the car instead of moving it around. Overall, I like the look of the rack.

I have driven the car around 2,000 miles since the swap. Nabbed this picture in the midst of a drive to northern Michigan.

I went to a friend's shop to drop the motor and change the valvetrain because I thought there was a dead lifter. After talking to my friend, he said that the sound of a dead lifter on an LS1 can be from an exhaust leak at the manifold. I never removed the stock manifolds, so there was a good chance the gaskets were stock and bad. My friend replaced the gaskets and . . . they were! Cheap and easy fix. Woooo!!!!!

Also replaced the spark plug wires. 

Averaging a little over 20mpg with the roof rack on. :D

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