Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh, that's naaaasty

The 996 Porsche is notorious for gathering crap in the radiators and condensers. My car has high mileage and I could see some leaves in the condensers. I decided to take off the front bumper and see what it looked like under there. Also, I am not running a/c, so it was time for the condenser's to go. What I found . . .

 Right off the bat, there was a ton of crap stuffed in the ducting.

The condensers were booted from the front of the car to allow the radiators better airflow and greater cooling for the radiators. This is where the build up was far worse than I anticipated.

 The build up was so bad that I used a wire pet grooming brush to clean the debris off the radiators. Then I hosed off the radiators to clean out dirt the brush couldn't reach.

I forgot to take pictures after hosing off the radiators, but here is what they looked like after the brush. 

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