Saturday, September 14, 2013


A few days ago my low fuel light was on and I was in a rush. So I stopped to get fuel and put 5 gallons in the car and left. Fast forward two days after I drove around on said 5 gallons of gas. I'm pulling into a parking lot and the car dies. No sputtering. Just dead. I started to push the car into a parking spot, up hill, and a person passing by helped me push the car.

Then I had to diagnose the problem. I could hear the fuel pump running, so it had to be electrical. I tear apart the rear section of the interior to gain access to the LS1 ECU and fuses. The ECU was getting power and the fuses were in good shape. Then I started checking all the sensors on the engine that could cause it to die. Everything felt/looked good.

As I'm going through all this my girlfriend asks if I ran out of fuel. Immediately I think "no, the fuel gauge is at 1/4 tank". But I go double check anyways. I was right, the fuel gauge is at 1/4 tank. But here's the weird part. Two days & 100+ miles prior the gauge was at 1/4. Then it dawns on me. I remember reading that the early 996 cars fuel gauges act weird if you don't fill the tank when re-fueling.

My girlfriend takes me to a fuel station, I get a gallon of gas and take it back to the 911. After 5 minutes of playing with the safety on the gas jug I pour the gas into the 911. Go to start the car and it immediately fires up. First time that I've been totally stranded from running out of fuel. lol

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