Monday, September 2, 2013

Toggle Troubles

Drove the car about 50 miles, all highway, no issues. There is a huge traffic jam on the highway, so I decide to take a back-way through the city at 5pm. It’s 80+ and sunny out. My fans are ran off toggle switches, so I turn the fans on when I get off the highway. Get home, fans wont shut off, and the toggle switch is in the off position. I flip the switch up and it falls back down. Great, a dead toggle switch. At least it failed in the ‘on’ position.

I go to swap it with the blank toggle that used to power the electric water pump. I swap the wires for the fans and. . . nothing. Two dead toggle switches, one on and one off.

Now, here’s the part that kills me. The failed toggle in the off position ran the water pump. So the pump set up wasn’t the reason for the car overheating. It was the freaking $5 switch, which had failed.

The new 30amp switch came in and I installed it (sort of).

The 30amp switch is literally double the weight of the 20amp and overall much more sturdy (20amp on top). I may replace all my switches with these.

Here's my problem. Right now the only tools around me are two short screw drivers. The holes drilled in the carbon fiber are too small to fit the new switch so. . . it was looking real classy.

Fast forward a few months and I finally upgrade all the switches to the same amp's as the factory fuses. 

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