Engine Going IN!

Prior to installing the engine, I wired the car.

Instead of drilling a new hole in the car for the wiring harness, I drilled a hole in the stock wiring harness plug:

I removed the brackets on the bumper that the bumperettes mount to and the heat shield 

Sound deadening removed from top of engine bay to clear the LS1

Lowering chassis onto the engine

The intake does not fit, at all. . .

Finisihed installing the LS1 harness; now my arms look like I put them in buckets filled with razors.
Installed heater hose to car and routed it
Installed coolant vent tube from engine to overflow tank
Installed coolant lines from engine to F-Logs (2)
Installed coolant lines from F-Log to radiator
Installed all vacuum lines
Installed C5 fuel pressure regulator
Installed clutch slave cylinder
Modified intake to fit inside engine bay
Modified engine cover (trunk) to clear intake
Drew a diagram of the coolant system

Now for the issues:
Throttle cable doesn't reach LS1 throttle body
Figure out a way to plug the power steering lines
Figure out how to keep the rear wing up with the motor removed


This by far was the biggest annoyance of the entire build.

Issues involved: routing, missing hoses, mis-made parts, and connectors for different size hoses, to name a few. 

Today I managed to finish assembly of the coolant system and fill it with 3 gallons of coolant/water (it's going to need much more fluid). 

The worst part today was routing the hose. At every bend the 1/14" hose wanted to collapse, and there were many bends. Coming out of the top of the water pump, the hose collapsed, so I had to make a spacer for the water pump, pushing it down, to allow the hose to make the 90 degree turn towards the back of the car. 

This also put some of the hose within 2" of the half-shaft. Which has me concerned; this set-up is temporary until I can make a system with hard lines. 

I also completed the following today:
- Installed half shafts
- Installed engine/chassis ground


I spent the past few days trying to find a throttle body cable end to fit the Porsche, nobody has the fitting and it's not a reusable part.

I went to the hardware store and picked up some wire cable and a crimp end. BAM! $3 throttle body cable that looks like crap. I still have to pick up an end piece for the throttle body, but that should be fairly easy to obtain.

Somehow when I was working I managed to cut myself, but I didn't tear the glove. Not really sure how I pulled this off. 

I trimmed more metal off the trunk, now it clears the intake and MAF, and latches!!! 

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