Hunt for LS1 in October

After being hosed many, many times on obtaining an LS1 I finally get a chance to take a look at a genIV Camaro Z28 and it's local. Things are going well, until I show up at the dude's house and see this in the front yard:

It goes downhill from here. Perma-cigarette-odor emanated from the house, it had to have been in the siding of the house as I was nowhere near an open door/window. Which gave me a heads up that the car would reek (and it did). Then the owner, Joseph Dirte', came out and spewed a bunch of crap about the car he named "The Purple Pussy Magnet", which was mostly contracting lies about the car's history. Apparently this 99% stock LS1 Camaro runs 10's. A fine example of his craftsmanship is where he cut the floor board to replace the fuel pump vs. dropping the tank. This Camaro was by far the worst car I have ever driven. It's not worth the effort. 

Since that was a complete waste of time I put my new Bosch wiper blades on:

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