IT STARTS!!!!!!! (for real this time)

I fixed the fuel line issue and got the car started!!!! It ran for about a total of 20 minutes.

This is what I found out:
None of the gauges work.
I need more wire to properly run the starter signal wire
I don’t have a laptop to read what’s going on with the car

So it’s a big step forward with some minor nuisances.

Now, the part that nobody wants to hear. I’m done with the car for the next 1.5 months. My deadline has long passed and I simply don’t have the time to complete the car right now. I have work and travel that will not allow for any time to be spent on the 911. Luckily I work a few blocks from my house; it’s a mild winter; and my girlfriend can drive her car when we need one. So this is my last update for a little while.

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