IT STARTS!!!!!!!!! well, sort of. . .

Today is bittersweet.

First, I finally get the throttle body cable completely installed. Then I break of the T fitting for the PCV system, which is located behind the intake manifold (where the back seat is in the car), so impossible to get any tools to without dropping the engine. At this point, I'm going to run the vented PCV until I can come up with a solution.

While all this was going on, a friend drove across the state to get his tuning equipment and then came to the 911. He set up HP Tuners and started to work on the PCM, we found out that the electric water pump was working and I finished up affixing wires to the Porsche harness plugs to make sure that they are the correct wires before soldering.

Then start time came. . . nothing. Checked the starter and I forgot to hook up the starter solenoid signal wire. We made a quick hot wire and used it to jump the starter.
Primed the oil pump.
Powered the car and ECU (fuel pump primed)
After troubleshooting, we find that the fuel pump is priming, but it's not getting fuel to the rails. . . WTF. To check to see if everything else is in order, The intake manifold is sprayed with brake cleaner; I jump the starter it.
But dies .6 seconds later.
So we remove the fuel pump relay and jump the wires. BAM! we have fuel!!!! Which reminded us that I didn't put a clip on the fuel return line, gas errrywhere. No clamps on hand, so we have to call it a night for starting the car.

What to do:
Check all connections for fuel lines and buy new hose clamps
Wire fuel pump
Wire starter signal

To add injury to insult. Remember that slave cylinder the painters decided should be destroyed. Well, I couldn't get it off of the car, or break any of the fittings. So I did what I could to the original slave cylinder and I thought that I fixed it. I was wrong. After bleeding the clutch I pressed the clutch pedal, which dropped to the floor, and then fluid poured out from the bellhousing. Repairing this will be a total pita.

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