Parts Are Coming In!!!!!!

While the engine was not attached to anything, I decided to do some maintenance, cleaning, and modifications. 

LS6 oil pump, LS2 timing chain, LS1 crank bolt, front main seal, and gaskets arrived

I picked up some AIR delete plates for the stock Camaro exhaust manifolds:

The PSI stand alone engine wiring harness arrived:

While on the parts ordering kick, I ordered some Porsche parts:

Sway bar bushings

Cabin Air Filter

Then I got carried away. While searching CraigsList for some winter tires I stumbled upon a set of 996 Turbo wheels. On a whim, I drove down to the Detroit area to pick them up. The seller ended up being RUF, a company notorious for some insane Porsche 911's. 

While the car was apart, I took the cross members to some friends' for sand blasting and powder coating



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