The Beginning

Stats of the 996 Porsche 911: 
First watercooled 911 ever; powered by a 3.4 M96 engine, which is known for randomly killing itself in a multitude of ways without any warning; a great chassis; and light weight. It has headlights that only an omlet chef could love, making it the ugly duckling of 911's. It is the perfect low budget DD 911 to buy; however, it's the worst 911 to maintain. 

This is where things get interesting. A GM LSx engine fits into the 996 with minimal modification. The LS1 is reliable, light weight, and basically the double rainbow of budget V8 engines. 

I know nothing about 996's and I know nothing about LSx's. Furthermore, I know nothing about swapping an LSx into. . . anything. To top it off, I have a budget, which is mostly funded by the sale of the original Porsche M96 engine. 

One final twist, this isn't a project car. This is to be my daily driver and winter is coming quickly. 

So I have a little task ahead of me. 


The 3.4M96's fate was sealed the day I purchased the 996. It was coming out, even though it was one of the few 3.4's that decided not to destroy itself.

Bye Bye

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